Here are three ways Everyday Wonders seeks to make a practical difference to sustaining our wonderful world.

1. Support local business when we can

Our current products have been proudly printed and produced in Brisbane, Australia. This supports local businesses and reduces the environmental impacts associated with the transport of goods and even simple things like quality check visits.

2. Use paper thoughtfully

Everyday Wonders the book is printed using vegetable-based inks and PEFC™ certified paper from sustainably managed sources. As we grow, we are excited about the opportunity to do more with sustainable materials for our products.

3. Be responsible in packaging and shipping

For products shipped in a satchel, where possible, we use Sendle’s fully compostable, waterproof satchel. They are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials using corn starch, PLA (made from corn) and PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate). They’re even worm farm friendly! You can read more about them here. For products shipped in a box, we encourage customers to recycle those boxes. We have also limited the packaging used inside our satchels and boxes, while seeking to ensure products are well protected. We primarily use Sendle for our shipping. Sendle is a registered B Corp and Australia's first carbon neutral delivery service, securing carbon offsets through its partner, South Pole. How cool is that!